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In 1938 a series of Gospel meetings was held in a Baptist mission hall situated on the Sandown Road, Ballyhackamore, Belfast. These meetings were conducted by Mr Minnis Mills who had for a number of years been a member of Victoria Memorial Hall Brethren Assembly. In the winter of 1938 part of the fellowship from Sandown road began meeting in the homes of Mr & Mrs W Lowry, Mr & Mrs FSA Mills and Mr & Mrs J Bell.

At a meeting on 1st March 1939 a local church to be known as Orangefield Baptist Church was constituted and the observance of the Lord's Supper was held. On the 5th March 1939 the first members' meeting was held with seventeen being regarded as foundational members. At a subsequent meeting in 15 Bloomfield Road, it was decided to purchase a piece of ground at the top of the Bloomfield Road and build a meeting place. On the 28th June 1939, the new building was opened with a service of Thanksgiving. The opening services took place on 2nd July 1939.

Suddenly the scene changed as war was declared on 1st September 1939. Evacuations and the "blackout" put great restraints on the activities of the newly formed church. The night of the 15th/16th April 1941 was a night long to be remembered by those living in Belfast for the ferocity of the Luftwaffe attack. A large high explosive bomb narrowly missed the building, burying itself in the church grounds but failing to explode. A cracked window was the only damage. With the preservation of the building a service of thanksgiving was held.

In 1944 the church became part of the Baptist Union of Ireland. On 4th October 1945 a recognition service was held to induct Mr Minnis Mills to the pastorate. With the completion of a large housing area many new members joined the church. As a result a new building was opened on North Road in 1968.

With the retirement of Pastor Minnis in 1975, Mr John Evans who was labouring in Stowmarket, England was called as the second pastor and remained pastor until November 1982. In October 1986, Mr Norman Porter a founder member became the third pastor being called from Killicomaine Evangelical Church, Portadown. Mr Jeff Wright now serving in the pastorate in South Glasgow was the fourth pastor. In 2005, Mr Norman Barr became the present pastor after his retirement from Killicomaine Evangelical Church, Portadown.

One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts. Psalm 145:4

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